Thursday, November 13, 2008

No more pheasant couch?

When Sterling and I were trying to get furniture for our apartment we became well acquainted with Freecycle. Freecycle is an online group who's main purpose is to keep stuff out of landfills. When you have something you want to get rid of, you post it online and then someone who wants it will come to your house and take it away. Through this process we were able to get this beauty.
It's surprisingly comfortable, and the structure is good----but obviously there are struggles. The other day I stumbled across this couch (via Oh Happy Day)
It has a striking resemblance (in structure) to my beloved pheasant couch. So I've come to the decision to reupholster the chair. Does anyone have any experience or advice? I'm totally excited to have a cute new couch! Hopefully it will work out as well as this chair did.


Aaron and Devon said...

My mom is pretty good at reupholstering. You should ask her for some tips

Tawna said...

yeah, I was just going to tell you that my mom has some experience. Looks like you guys did well with the chair though!