Thursday, March 24, 2011


In an attempt to break Phoebe of her nocturnal ways, we have initiated Project Keep-Phoebe-Awake in the evenings. One of our key weapons in the endeavor is the nightly bath. So far it's been a moderate success, and we hope to see better results and fewer sleepy mornings soon.

Phoebe seems to love baths in the bathroom sink. And by love, we mean looks content and doesn't scream. Clearly love in one-month-old.


Aubrey said...

We define love in the same way around here... ;-)

Aaron and Devon said...

Be grateful that she loves it, Abby still screams bloody mary when I give her a bath! I'm jealous!

Daniel and Chelsea said...

We do the same with our kids from the first night we bring them home! Some people told us that we were mean to keep our babies up but totally worthwhile when you get to sleep longer at night!! Pheobe is a real cutie!

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