Thursday, April 26, 2012


Phoebe just started doing to actions to one of her favorite songs.

Pardon the lighting on this video.  After it was taken we tried brightening up the room and convincing Phoebe to perform again, but to no avail.  Also I sound like a crazy lady!

Phoebe often tries to skip the second line (Bake me a cake..)  "Rolling it" is just too much fun.


Naazju said...

Adorable! Azucena claps her hands until about "as fast as you can." Then she's excited for us to do the rest until the end when we say, "yay!" and she claps again. So funny how kids pick up on these things!

Bonnie said...

We like the rolling part too. She really knows her stuff! You guys had to go fast to catch up with her rolling. Yay for blogging!