Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hanging our Babies to Dry

Phoebe's babies were given a bath in the toilet, and are just chilling while they dry. Any thoughts? How should I get them back into commission?


Naazju said...

Maybe running them through the dishwasher? Or soaking them in Purell? :D

Rachel said...

I would put them in a pillowcase and wash them in the washer on gentle cycle, then let them dry outside if the weather is nice. I wash my boy's stuffed animals this way to keep them from getting too icky.

pWh, hJh, nKh said...

Those good baby dolls are so stoic about it. I'm sure you have already found a solution, but if you're up for the mess, you can have Phoebe give them another super sudsy bath out in your yard. She would love it, perhaps a little too much. We did it with one of our stuffed animals, and I found Harriet giving many another friend a bath in the bathroom sink after that. The other suggested options will probably give a cleaner product, but I think Phoebe would vote for my option :)